Most Talked About Articles By Scott Hughes


I believe love is measured by if not defined by sacrifice. [...] We can’t help starving children because we can’t help ourselves. [...] The key is love. It might sound cliché, but I don’t think it is. I think it’s the truth. If we can’t get in touch with that, then we might as well just eat or drink or smoke ourselves to death and give up these dreams of saving starving children. [...] read more

Ezell Ford Shot in Back at Very Close Range

We must take care NOT to meet the onslaught of terrible tragedies, the multiple people like Ezell Ford being killed by police each day, by becoming monsters ourselves. Rather, we must meet it bravely with love, sympathy and thoughtfulness, and a desire to change the system not scapegoat and hate other human beings. When we achieve that, I think it becomes clear to us that the problem is systemic. [...] read more

The Most Important Thing To Me

Even at 4 years old and under, my kids don’t want to see people crying. They don’t want to see people hurt each other, and so needlessly at that. They don’t want to see people suffer. They don’t need to be taught that. You don't learn compassion by growing up. My little kids have big hearts. [...] read more

Unhappy and Unsatisfied

One shirt might make a naked man happy, but 20 shirts doesn’t make a man 20 times as happy. A warm meal and a cottage might satisfy the homeless man, but a hundred mansions and a thousand pounds of food a day won’t make a single rich man a hundred times more happy. [...] I suppose I am gracious that I seem unable to achieve some kind of complacent satisfaction or happiness. What kind of sick person could be happy or satisfied in this world?! This world in which children starve by the thousands each day? In which billions live in absurd poverty? In which homes sit vacant next to the homeless and food sits expiring on shelves down the street from the starving? In which millions of nonviolent people rot in prisons for twisted political and financial reasons, marijuana possessors for instance? In which millions if not billions want jobs but are denied them. In which millions or billions of people including children want education but are denied? In which oil wars and racism and misplaced hate and violent destructive profiteering plague all? A world in which there is more than enough food to feed the hungry and more than enough resources to provide food, clothes, clean water, shelter, healthcare and education to everyone, but in which so many people go without not because of their own laziness and not by their own choice but for no good reason and through no fault of their own. read more

Lo taamod al dam reakha

Even the free-thinkers generally behave selfishly and short-sightedly. Even the free-thinkers among us generally offer little more than idle indignation. Like most everyone else, even the free-thinkers choose to protect the tranquility of their own lives rather than the safety of the victims of war and genocide. [...] read more

Causes of Self-Destructive Attempts at Toughness

People who are actually tough and strong do not go around desperately trying to prove it. People who are actually tough do not desperately engage in thoughtless, self-destructive aggression and violence. [...] read more

The Names of The Dead – 1000 People Killed by Police in 2014

Every human life is valuable and the killing of it deserves to at least be questioned. The first question that pops to my mind is how many of those people killed by police, which include unarmed children who were not committing a crime, would still be alive today if not for needless violent wars on non-violent consensual activities [...] read more


So many people are suffering so needlessly. And it’s not even in our financial interests--as if saving a few bucks would be worth intense human suffering anyway. Like I said, it just breaks my heart. [...] read more

Recidivism and the Prison Industry (Part 1)

We can talk all day about how the politicians and the prison industry could reduce recidivism and violent crime. But the problem is not that they do not know how to do it. The problem is that they do not want to do it. [...] read more

What Freedom Means to Me

Theoretically, freedom is not that complex of an ideal. But putting theoretical ideals into practice becomes much more difficult; the black-and-whiteness of ideals becomes muddled with the various gray hues of practice's complexity. I still love freedom, and I adamantly support full-fledged freedom. [...] read more

Justice For All – Unarmed People Killed by Police

[...] So there you have it. 6 unarmed people killed by police in questionable circumstances. And writing this post has broken my heart. My hands are shaking as I write this. [...] read more

Defending Ourselves by Defending Our Environment

[...] today I want to point out that we do also need to work-together to defend ourselves from people who would hurt us by polluting and damaging our enviornment. [...] read more

The Continued Subjugation of Women in Society

While on the one hand we tell women to remain pure and wholesome, on the other hand we make them feel as though they mainly only have value insomuch as they provide sexual gratification to men. Society constantly pushes women to lose weight, dress up, wear high heels, get implants [...] read more

Man Facing Life For Pot Brownies

Every human being matters and deserves sympathy. For even one person to so deeply suffer needlessly for years or a lifetime in the terrible, disgusting, inhumane environment of prison is unacceptable. [...] read more

Do I Want To Prevent Crime?

I actually do not want to stop crime in general. I could care less about crime in general. I want to stop violence and victimization. I want to defend innocent people from victimization. But I do not want to see victimless crimes enforced. [...] read more

Murder, The Right to Life, and Abortion

I adamantly denounce all offensive violence and murder [...] However, I think to say there is no middle ground is incorrect. [...] What about animals, human embryos, human fetuses, brainless creatures? What about killing one innocent person to save the life of another innocent person? [...] read more

Philosophy of Technology and Development

I love to imagine what ever-increasing technological advancements would hold for a mature, warless, poverty-less global society built on freedom, fairness, self-control and interpersonal caring. But to think of the same ever-increasing technological advancement for a society as immature and self-destructive as our current one [...] read more

Does Society Need Prisons?

We can release anyone who does not have a psychological abnormality making them especially dangerous to others. As for the ones that are psychologically dangerous, we can restrain them in a humanely run medical institution rather than leave them to rot in destructive prisons. [...] read more

Celebrate Genocide?

Does it make sense to celebrate the "discovery" of a land inhabited by millions of people who would later be subjected to resulting genocide? [...] read more

Would the USA Founding Fathers be disappointed?

Sorry Tea Party, I don't want to go back to those days. And I don't heroify slaveowners, racists or sexists--nor massive hypocrites. And I don't really get the whole ideologically purporting these guys or what they represent as solid ideals and principles and then defending them on pragmatic political pandering and strategizing [...] read more

Is Selfishness Compatible with Kindness?

I believe it is in most people's self-interest to help others, not only because others may return the favor, but also because we naturally love each other. We empathize and sympathize with each other. We feel good when we observe others feeling good. [...] read more

A Philosophical Exploration Of Happiness

[...] the intrinsic conflict of happiness manifests as the pervasive inner-conflict of humans, which we often call the human condition. That inner-conflict explains why omnipotence would not make a human happy and why too much power and pleasures tend to drive a person insane. [...] read more

Sandy Hook Elementary

I would not have our hearts break any less for any one of those poor children at Sandy Hook, the dead and the unimaginably scarred living. I just wish our hearts would break just as much every other day and every other month and every other year for every other child who tragically starves at our hands, by our decisions. [...] read more

Why Do We Behave Like Sociopaths?

I do not think the typical person is so callous, so uncaring, so sociopathic that they would really prefer to wear a prettier shirt and let a child die than feel the joy of saving a child. So why do we do it? [...] read more

Sheneque Proctor - Brushed off that easy?

Many try to brush off incidents like these by blaming the victim, often with calling them a criminal as if criminal means bad person. We see this throughout the country with statist-sympathizers saying things like, "Breathe easy; don't break the law," or "instead of criticizing the police, stop breaking the law". Of course, that is nothing but a plain fallacy, unjustifiably mixing up the concept of 'criminal' with the concept of a 'bad guy'. However, let's not forget that Martin Luther King was a criminal. Henry David Thoreau was a criminal. Rosa Parks was a criminal. The Germans who hid Jews in their attic were criminals. [...] read more

Neo-Slavery Causes Poverty

The ruling class has taken control of the natural resources, and the working class desperately needs those resources. That desperation causes the working people to “sell” their labor for rock-bottom prices. [...] read more

Teen Pregnancy Does Not Perpetuate Poverty

A wealthy girl’s parents can still ensure her success with their money even when the girl gets pregnant as a teenager. I still see teen pregnancy as a significant mistake, but we have such a classist society that making mistakes has little statistical effect on who ends up poor and who does not. [...] read more

We Need a New Era

I see nothing new about the coming year. I see the same traits in the coming year as the past year, and all the years before that. I see the same pain, hunger, poverty, disease, and unhappiness. I see the same neglectful and apathetic public. I see the same non-meritocratic social inequality. I see the same prevalence of coercion, violence, hate, and loneliness. I see the same deficit of cooperation, love, and solidarity. [...] read more

No Obligation To Give

These terrible problems tear my heart apart, to think of the innocent children dying in the agonizing pain and suffering of preventable hunger. Like so many others, I desperately wish to solve these terrible problems plaguing our society. Nonetheless, we must not let that desperation trick us into using offensive coercion. We cannot afford to make enemies of our peers [...] read more

The Myth Of Meritocracy

The real myth in America is the myth of meritocracy – the myth that the poor are just lazy and stupid. [...] The prevalence of this myth shocks some people, who wonder how over 14 million U.S. children could deserve poverty. [...] read more

Misuse of Assistance Hurts Anti-Poverty Campaigns

We need to make sure the resources of anti-poverty campaigns and programs help those truly in need help themselves. And we need to NOT let those other greedy, lazy people misuse, misdirect and misappropriate resources and scare the general public into reducing the funding, efficiency and effectiveness of anti-poverty campaigns. [...] read more

A Monopoly on Philanthropy

Whether you are religious or not, let me ask you to do something that will make you happy. Remember that inside of you and every person is a quintessential love. This quintessential love conflates the self with humanity. Fundamentally speaking, to say one loves oneself and humanity is redundant. Whether you believe this love is endowed by a godly creator or not, let yourself act on that quintessential love. By helping others you help yourself. [...] read more